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Get to know our team!

Spreadly would not be that far without our fantastic team. These people focus daily on enhancing your networking and getting in touch with customers. That's why we think you should also get to know them.

Our team • 2023-02-19

New work: Working from all over the world

Our team • 2023-02-15

Our first Christmas party as a startup

Our team • 2023-02-04

A big welcome to Ice!

Our team • 2023-01-31

Our Founders Associate Ahmed

Our team • 2023-01-27

What we have achieved in one year as a startup

Our team • 2022-10-26

On the customer journey with Bente Braun

Our team • 2022-10-11

Hej to Customer Success by Anna!

Our team • 2022-10-04

Our all-rounder: Jakob Wohlhüter

Our team • 2022-09-13

Our Chief Sales Officer: Etienne Fieg

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