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Team • 2023-02-04

Hey Ice, welcome to the team!

Team • 2023-01-31

Our Founders Associate Ahmed

Team • 2023-01-27

What we have achieved in one year as a startup

Guide • 2023-01-24

Digital Business Cards in the Medical Industry

Guide • 2023-01-21

Preparation for your next conference

Guide • 2023-01-19

The consequences of the paper industry on the environment

Guide • 2023-01-18

Strategies for successful networking and strong connections

Guide • 2023-01-17

Learning to network: Simple tips for easy networking

Guide • 2023-01-15

Find the perfect Biography for all your Social Media accounts

Guide • 2023-01-12

Digital Business Cards are ahead of its Time

Guide • 2023-01-09

Analyze your business card performance with advanced analytics

Guide • 2023-01-06

Digital Solutions are cruicial for your Business

Guide • 2023-01-03

Digital Business Cards are the sustainable Solution to Networking

Guide • 2022-12-30

How to Network in a digital World

Guide • 2022-12-21

The Power of Color in Business Card Marketing

Team • 2022-10-26

On the customer journey with Bente Braun

Business card scanner, beta program and Sign in with Apple

Simply get started with Single-Sign-On

Team • 2022-10-11

Hej to Customer Success by Anna!

Team • 2022-10-04

Our all-rounder: Jakob Wohlhüter

Team • 2022-09-13

Our Chief Sales Officer: Etienne Fieg

Team • 2022-09-13

Our Marketing Manager: Carmen Specht

Share pages, email invitation and personalizable links

Team • 2022-09-06

Our CTO & Co-Founder: Florian Theimer

Team • 2022-08-31

Our CEO & Co-Founder: Darius Göttert

Guide • 2022-07-20

Advantages of digital business cards

Guide • 2022-07-14

Get your digital business card with LinkedIn

Custom logos, new fonts & events integration

Guide • 2022-05-17

Lead generation with your digital business card

Guide • 2022-05-16

Create a digital business card in 5 steps

Guide • 2022-04-05

5 reasons for your digital business card

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