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Share your contact information faster without typos and smoother with no awkward break in conversation. Just by a tap, within seconds.

All our NFC cards are based on RFID 2.0 and are compatible with all major Android devices and all iPhones.

NFC business card $40
NFC business card with your design.
NFC business card (black) $40
Classy design meets modern technology.
Wooden NFC business card Sold out
Wooden NFC business card with your design.
Spreadly NFC card $10
The useful plastic NFC business card!
Spreadly NFC card (black) $10
Classy finish meets modern technology.
Spreadly Wooden NFC card $40
Sustainable way of networking.
Name tags $10
Self adhesive on clothing
QR code sticker $19.99
Dynamic QR codes
Spreadly gift card $13.33
Perfect to give away

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In a nutshell

NFC Chip / RFID 2.0
QR Code
Works anywhere
Save money & paper
Darius Göttert
Darius Göttert
Co-Founder & CEO, Spreadly

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