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Share your contact information faster without typos and smoother with no awkward break in conversation. Just by a tap, within seconds.

All our NFC cards are based on RFID 2.0 and are compatible with all major Android devices and all iPhones.

NFC business card €29.99
NFC business card with your design.
NFC business card (black) Sold out
Classy design meets modern technology.
Wooden NFC business card Sold out
Wooden NFC business card with your design.
Spreadly NFC card €9.99
The useful plastic NFC business card!
Spreadly NFC card (black) €9.99
Classy finish meets modern technology.
Spreadly Wooden NFC card €29.99
Sustainable way of networking.
Name tags €9.99
Self adhesive on clothing
QR code sticker €14.99
Dynamic QR codes
Spreadly gift card €10.00
Perfect to give away

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NFC Chip / RFID 2.0
QR Code
Works anywhere
Save money & paper
Darius Göttert
Darius Göttert
Co-Founder & CEO, Spreadly

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