Our Sales Manager: Lucas

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19th of February 2024

Welcome back to our #teamtuesday! Today, we're taking a peek behind the scenes and introducing you to Lucas, our Sales Manager at Spreadly, who drives our sales team with full commitment and passion. 🐝

Who is Lucas? 🤔

Lucas, as our Sales Manager, plays a crucial role in shaping the sales department at Spreadly. His task is to convince customers of the great benefits of our tools and to support them on their journey with Spreadly. From cold acquisition to onboarding calls, to customer success and support - Lucas is often just a click away, ready to make customers happy. 💼🚀

Lucas' Journey to Spreadly 🙌

Originally from the beautiful, innovative city of Leipzig, Lucas completed a training in public administration and worked as an administrative specialist. His passion for startups, sales, and entrepreneurship led him to start his own startup and gain valuable experience. Through the German startup community, he met Darius, one of the co-founders of Spreadly. When the search for a Sales Manager began last year, Lucas did not hesitate to seize the opportunity. 🚀

Lucas Outside of Spreadly 🎮🎶

When Lucas is not working, he spends time with his girlfriend - whether it's training together or playing Minecraft or Stardew Valley. Additionally, Lucas is a passionate musician who has been producing music for years and releasing it on Spotify and YouTube. 🎵

The Pioneer at Spreadly 🐝

Fun fact about Lucas: He was the first full-time employee at Spreadly - a true #ProudSpreadbee! Moreover, he is related by three degrees to the piano manufacturers "Schimmel," which further highlights his musical vein. 🎹

We are infinitely grateful to have Lucas on our team and look forward to everything we will achieve together!🥳

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