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For people who want to make a great first impression. Tap and share your contact details, gather leads and connect to several tools.
What we mean by all-inclusive
Make a great first impression
Stay in mind! Not just for in-person meetings, but also for online networking and virtual events.
Compatible with all devices
By using QR codes or Apple Wallet your digital business card is available for iPhone, Android and other devices.
Save Money and Trees
Research has shown that most companies spend on average 180€ per employee, per year, on paper business cards.


What we promise you

QR Codes
Easily open your camera and scan the QR code to share your contact details.
Plug & Play
No app is required for sharing and receiving your contact details.
Works anywhere
Your Spreadly can be used with iPhone, Android or any computers.
Apple Wallet / iPhone
Save your Spreadly within your Apple Wallet on your iPhone.
Unterstand your audience
Track your daily networking and improve your bottom line.
Customize according to your dreams
Match your design to your own brand.
Useful integrations
Improve your digital networking by using several integrations.
Save time & paper
By choosing Spreadly you become more efficient and sustainable.
Only 3 steps away from your new business card
Enter all your contact details where you want to be reached.
You can fully adjust your digital business card to your dreams.
Download your Spreadly to your iPhone or order an NFC business card.

Save time and trees

Calculate your company's savings and environmental impact by switching to Spreadly. We double offset the amount of CO2 producing for using Spreadly, so you are CO2 negative from the first second.

Printing Costs in €
Bottom Line
savings per year
Trees saved
impact per year

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Is Spreadly for free?
Is Spreadly compatible with iPhone and Android?
Can I update the information on my Spreadly?
How is Spreadly CO2 negative?

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Darius Göttert
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