NFC business card for $29.99

Just hold your NFC card to an Apple or Android device to share contact infos in seconds. With built-in NFC technology you can use your card as often as yo want. Start a new way of networking and leave a long-lasting impression. ✨

🎨 Fully Customizable
Design your cards using our online editor or send your design to

⚡️ Easy Setup
Creating your digital business card does not take longer than 2 minutes.

🌳 Eco friendly
Using a NFC card reduces CO2 consumption by saving paper and trees.

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4.7-stars rating

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Angela R.

31st of January 2024
Honestly impressed with how simple the setup was - got it ready in under 2 min!! And the design? Beautiful. Plus, sharing my details hasn't been easier, just a tap and done. Will definetly recmend to my collegues.

Christina M.

1st of January 2024
Started with one for my personal use and I’m now onboarding my whole team. It’s not only eco-friendly but also super efficient for networking. The customizations options are plenty, fitting our brand perfectly. Truly an outstanding experience!

Emily T.

28th of January 2024
Total game changer! The printing quality is top-notch, looks super profesional and elegant. Was a breeze to set up, literally took me 2 mins. Already got awesome feedbacks from clients and peers. The fact I can update my info anytime is just 👌.

Sofia R.

25th of December 2023
Shipping was faster than expected, got it in 2 days (Europe). Sadly, the setup instructions were a bit confusing, but got it working eventually. People I meet are always fascinated by it.

Michael J.

28th of January 2024
Was bit skeptic at first, but this NFC bussiness card is amazing! Super easy to setup and the price-value is unbeatable. Custumer support was also very helpful when I had questions about integrations.

Amira S.

23rd of July 2023
- Quality is great - Setup was a breeze - Really worth the price, considering the tech you're getting! Definitely telling my coworkers about this.

Henry W.

4th of January 2024
At first, had some troubles with the scannning on older phones, but customer support was quick to help. They're fantastic! And the card itself? Absolutely love it. So handy and the integrations are a big plus. It’s revolutionized my networking!

Ella T.

18th of May 2023
Honestly blown away by how easy this was to set up, literally took less than 2 minutes! Been getting awesome feedback from everyone I've shared it with. 💥 Highkey recommend!