5 reasons for your digital business card

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5th of April 2022

1st Easy and fast to create and edit

You can create your Spreadly digital business card in just a few minutes and customize it at any time. Whether you want to change your location, phone number or design, all changes can be implemented instantly on both smartphone and desktop.

2nd Efficient and modern networking

Ever been to a trade show and forgotten your business cards? Or put a QR code with your LinkedIn profile in a presentation that you had to go through the trouble of creating beforehand?

With Spreadly you always have your digital business card in your wallet and for presentations you can simply export your QR code from your Spreadly profile. This way you can present not only yourself to your audience, but everything you and your company have to offer. Share your digital business card as a link in your signature or status on LinkedIn, Instagram, and co.

3rd Share more than you ever could with a paper business card.

With your digital business card, you can share an infinite amount of information. Link your social media account, your company's website, your online store, or videos about your products. Leave your Calendly link and let your counterpart easily book an appointment. Efficient and with unlimited possibilities.

4th Unique - Just like you

You can individualize your Spreadly digital business card according to your taste. Whether in corporate design, with video background, your own logos and icons or your individual colors. There are no limits to your creativity. And if you don't like your design anymore, you can change it anytime within seconds.

5th Extensive analysis possibilities

Find out which of your links were clicked the most, which channel your visitors used to get to your account and which language they speak. This way you not only increase your conversion, but also gain new customers and contacts.

Do you have more reasons, why to use digital business cards? We would love to hear from you!


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