Custom logos, new fonts & events integration

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11th of July 2022

At Spreadly, we're working day and night to make contact sharing and your networking experience even better. A lot has happened again in the last few weeks and we're excited to introduce you to the new features.

Own company logos

Previously, your digital business card would display the Spreadly logo at the bottom with a link to our website. Now you can alternatively include your company's logo or hide the logo altogether.

New fonts

With eight new high-quality fonts to choose from for your Spreadly, there are even more options for your custom design. Whether you go more in the playful direction with "Rubik" or choose the serious way with "Roboto", the choice is yours.

Embed events directly on Spreadly

Just as annoying as manually typing in contact information is saving appointments. Well, that's finally over too! Add the new event element to your Spreadly, add start and end time and your visitors can add the event directly to their Office365, Google or Apple calendar.

Missing a feature or have an idea?

You are still missing something? We are always happy to receive new ideas to make your everyday life easier with Spreadly. Feel free to contact us via support and we'd love to hear from you!

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