Our CEO & Co-Founder: Darius Göttert

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31st of August 2022

Founding a company at the age of 21 and running a nine-person startup? It's possible! Today we would like to introduce you to Darius Göttert, Co-Founder and CEO of Spreadly.

From Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Munich.

It was already clear to him at the age of 16 that he wanted to take a slightly different path than his classmates, when he moved from Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Munich to complete his high school diploma with a focus on business. School, however, was always just a sideline. After numerous side jobs and spinning off his own student company, he started working for a young startup in the food industry, where he gained his first experience in the startup world. After graduating from high school, he initially stayed there and started a part-time degree program. After three years, he was then drawn to an EdTech scale-up, where he was able to take part in one of the most exciting phases of the company's growth.

The beginning of Spreadly

At the same time, Darius started at a student-run consulting firm, where he took over the board position of customer service after just one semester. There he also met his co-founder Florian. In March 2022, the Spreadly chapter began and since then, the three of them have been working on the board with Etienne day and night to build and develop Spreadly.

And what does Darius do when he's not working?

Traveling, attending events of all kinds, meeting exciting people and looking forward to Oktoberfest every year. Fun Fact: Before the pandemic, he worked there regularly in the Augustinerzelt. So if you need a contact or two to the Wiesn, you should get in touch with him!

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