Setup a custom domain for your team

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13th of June 2023

Besides Spreadly's default domain "", teams can also use their own domain.


The costs for an own domain can be seen at Only max. 1 own domain can be deposited per team and the domain is charged separately from the cards.


1. Activate your custom domain

Under Team > Cards you can activate your own domain. You can also contact our support so we enable the custom domain for you.

2. Set up CNAME entry

In order to use the own domain, a CNAME record/subdomain must be set up, which points to the domain ''. After the setup it can take up to 24h until the entry is active.

3. Contact support with domain

After the CNAME record is active, contact us at support and we will finally set up the domain for the team.


After the successful setup all new cards will be created with your own domain. On request we will also move all previous maps to the new domain. Please note that links and QR-codes of the old maps will no longer work with the domain change.

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