Chat-GPT4, improved Wallets and virtual backgrounds

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28th of March 2023

Of course, we are constantly striving to make Spreadly even more intuitive for you to use, more beautiful and useful!

💬 Chat GPT4 as personal assistant

Have you been wanting a personal assistant for a long time? Spreadly makes these dreams come true! A virtual assistant powered by Chat-GPT4 is now available to you. This means that your personal assistant is available to you and your customers day and night.

🎨 New designs for Google and Apple Wallet

We have revised the design for your digital business cards for use in the Apple and Google wallet. A clearer design is now waiting for you with the option of easily adding a profile picture.

🏞️ Custom virtual backgrounds

With Spreadly you can now design your own individual virtual backgrounds for Microsoft Teams or Zoom. You have design options with text, colors and QR code – try it out now!

💡 Are you missing something?

We hope you've piqued your curiosity and are testing out the new features right away! If you are missing something else, we are always happy to receive new ideas. Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

See you soon,
Your Spreadly team

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