Create a digital business card in 5 steps

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16th of May 2022

On your digital business card, you can store your contact details just like on a conventional business card. The digital version is usually accessible as a small website and can be opened at any time from a cell phone or computer, even without a physical card. In this article we will show you how to create your own universal digital business card in 5 steps within few minutes.

With Spreadly you can easily create your own business card. Benefit from a wide range of features, always have your contact details with you and save the environment in the process.

Step 1: Create an account

Register at Spreadly and create your own account. Thanks to a link to your Google or Microsoft account, you can even sign up with just one click.

After registration you can choose the link for your own page. It is best to choose an easy to understand link with your name and activity. e.g. or

Step 3: Fill in your contact details

First fill your profile with a picture and a description and if necessary adapt your name. Afterwards you can deposit all your relevant information. You have a choice of different options to fill your digital business card: from links, social media accounts to Google Maps location. With the element "Add to contacts" you give your visitors the possibility to save your contact data with just one click.

Step 4: Choose your design

There are no limits to your creativity with Spreadly's design options. Choose from a variety of fonts, designs, layouts and backgrounds.

We recommend to have the text color and background color of the links in a similar color range, so that they have enough contrast to the background.

5th step: Share your digital business card

After everything is set up you can start networking. With Spreadly, you have plenty of options for sharing your contact information.

Share your digital business card via QR code

When previewing your site, you can download your own QR code in PNG or SVG format with just one click and use it on flyers, presentations, stickers or even traditional business cards.

Add contact information to your email signature

Long email signatures are a thing of the past with Spreadly. You can add your digital business card as a link in your signature and have all your contact data bundled. This leaves more space in your emails for the essentials.

Business card for iPhone

You can also store your digital business card in your Apple Wallet. This way, you always have all your important contact data with you and at your fingertips.

Buy NFC business card

Sharing is even easier with an NFC business card. Just by holding the card up to another smartphone, you can share your contact information. Personalizable NFC Business Cards can be found at Spreadly.

We're excited to see your custom digital business cards and look forward to hearing from you via email. If you have any unanswered questions, we can always be reached at

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