Our Marketing Manager: Carmen Specht

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13th of September 2022

On today's #teamtuesday we would like to introduce Carmen. As Marketing Manager, she is responsible for Spreadly's external presence, in addition to our social media channels, website and blog, as well as ads, trade show appearances and press inquiries.

Early passion for communication

Carmen's story begins deep in the Black Forest, where, fortunately for us, she was taught Swabian at an early age. Later, she moved to beautiful Lake Constance, where she discovered her passion for media and journalism early on as a school reporter and founder of the school newspaper. At that time, she still wanted to become a journalist and would have even taken on the cold Hamburg for a job at Spiegel.

Hamburg became Munich

Instead, after graduating from high school in 2020, she moved to Munich to study communications at the LMU. At the same time, she began an internship at an agency and gained her first marketing experience, but also found her interest in business topics there. This was followed by an internship in strategy consulting at Accenture and a work-study program in marketing at the Boston Consulting Group. In 2021, she also started in a student consultancy, where she met Florian and Darius and came on board to Spreadly as a first employee.

What's going on in her spare time?

And when she's not working, she uses her time for traveling and short trips, dancing salsa and browsing through cafés and record stores in Munich. So feel free to send recommendations directly to her!

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