Setup bookmark application in Entra-ID for Spreadly

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20th of December 2023

Please Note: We suggest our customers to use SCIM provisioning with Single-Sign On instead of creating a bookmark application. See

To combine the power of our Private Logins with the App gallery of Microsoft 365, you can setup a bookmark application which looks like Spreadly redirects the user to the correct private login.

1. Create bookmark application

Create bookmark application in Entra-ID

  1. Sign into your Entra-ID and go to Applications > Enterprise applications > + New applicaiton > + Create your own application to create the bookmark application.
  2. Enter "Spreadly" as the name of the application and select "Register an application to integrate with Microsoft Entra ID".
  3. On the next screen select "Accounts in this organizational directory only". A Redirect URI is not required.
  4. "Enable for users to sign-in", and "Visible to users" have to be enabled.
  5. Save the changes.

2. Set URL and logo for bookmark application

Change the branding for the bookmark application

  1. After the bookmark application is created you edit the appearance under Applications > App registrations > Spreadly > Branding & properties.
  2. You can upload the Spreadly logo to improve the recognition. You can download the Spreadly logo here.
  3. Set the "Home page URL" to the link of your Private Login. You can find the Link in Spreadly "Team > Settings > Private Login".
  4. Save the changes.

3. Hide default Spreadly application

Hide default Spreadly application

  1. Search for the general Spreadly application in Applications > Enterprise applications > Spreadly. (Application ID: f6f257df-7ac4-4e92-886c-4768649ca097)
  2. Disable the "Visible to users" settings.
  3. Save the changes.
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