Because first impressions count: 5 trends for modern business cards in 2024

Business cards are some of the most personal advertising materials - after all, in many cases you hand them over with your own hands and they are directly linked to you as a person. Find out here which trends for modern business cards will help you make a lasting impression.

5 trends for modern business cards

First impressions count: With these designs and functions for modern business cards, you'll be right on trend.

Plain or dazzling - both are allowed

Minimalism remains in vogue. Simple, elegant business cards are a good choice, especially in conservative industries. High-quality business cards can be designed with simplified lines, a reduced color palette and no-frills fonts. If you prefer something a little more extravagant, you can also choose fine finishes in gold or silver, which create a high-quality look with a minimalist application.

The counter-trend to minimalism is probably the 90s revival of holograms and the shimmer look. Admittedly, this trend isn't suitable for every industry, but modern business cards like these are a reminder of the 90s and of you, especially in the arts and service sector.

Special forms

Who says business cards have to be rectangular? Modern business cards can be produced in all shapes. For photographers, camera-shaped designs are ideal; the construction company prints its contact information on the outline of a crane. This guarantees recognition value.

Sustainable materials

The topic of sustainability has long played a major role in marketing measures. Especially when it comes to business cards, it is worth spending a little more - after all, the business card should not go straight into the bin. Materials such as wood or metal are therefore doubly advantageous: they are sustainable and increase the threshold for disposing of the business card.

QR codes

Society is becoming increasingly fast-paced. It's good when modern business cards can keep up - and encourage you to pause for thought. With QR codes on business cards, you can not only keep your data up to date, but also add an interactive element to your business card. This keeps your customers and partners engaged with your business card and with you for longer.

Digital business cards

To be honest, printed paper business cards are a product that now exists in a better version: Modern business cards are digital. With the help of NFC technology, data can be exchanged quickly and contactless via digital business cards. Unlike printed business cards, data can be easily updated so that digital business cards last longer.

Provider for modern business cards

Depending on how you want to design your business cards, there are different providers to choose from. You can have your modern business card produced by the following providers.

Flyeralarm: Fast and affordable print service all-rounder

You can have numerous print products printed quickly and relatively cheaply via Flyeralarm. There are numerous finishing options for classic paper business cards. Even NFC cards can now be ordered via Flyeralarm - albeit without special management functions. In addition, the provider specializes in printing rather than design, so your design has to be created by yourself or by another service provider.

vistaprint: Customizable design templates

vistaprint offers its customers not only high-quality print products, but also modern designs for business cards. Using customizable design templates, modern business cards can be created even without design knowledge. Unfortunately, vistaprint does not yet have any special designs in its range, nor does it offer digital business cards with NFC technology.

Metal cards: High-quality business cards made of metal

For a lasting impression, Metallkarten offers modern business cards made of metal. The specialist provider takes care of the design and production. The metal cards are sustainable and can be customized in different ways. High-quality embossing is just as possible as the integration of an NFC chip. Compared to printed business cards, metal cards are naturally quite expensive.

Holzpost: Sustainable wooden business cards

Holzpost produces classic print products made of wood. The wooden business cards are particularly high-quality and sustainable. You have the choice between different types of wood and can also choose colored printing. To get an impression of the wooden business cards, you can order a sample package for a fee. Here, too, the costs are of course significantly higher than for classic paper business cards.

Etsy: Customized business cards in special forms

You can find numerous suppliers of special business card designs via Etsy. The marketplace is a particularly good address for special designs with personalized imprints. However, as many of the store operators are only small providers, production takes a relatively long time. Prices are also higher than at print shops that are geared towards mass production. Some providers are also based abroad, making it difficult to make a complaint and sometimes incurring high shipping costs.

Lemontaps: NFC business cards made from high-quality materials

Lemontaps specializes in the production of NFC business cards. The data can be stored on the card via an online profile. The provider offers personalization of the business card design, but the plastic cards are already relatively expensive. Other providers offer a cheaper entry into the world of digital business cards.

baningo: Networking products for banks

Another provider of modern business cards based on NFC technology is baningo. There you can have various networking products for the banking sector. Personalization is possible to varying degrees depending on the package booked. In the basic version, you can only choose a single-color black or white design without a logo. Further customization leads to surcharges and is often cheaper with other providers.

Spreadly: Modern business card based on NFC

With Spreadly, you can create modern business cards based on NFC technology in your individual design. You can choose your own materials and dimensions and link them to the basic functions of Spreadly's digital business cards free of charge. You can unlock additional functions for a small monthly fee.

Benefits of Spreadly's digital business card:

  • Individual designs
  • Free link with digital business card
  • Integration of Calendly, Hubspot, Salesforce, Spotify and many other
  • Simple addition to Apple Wallet / Google Wallet
  • Lead capture via contact form or business card scanner including CRM synchronisation
  • Centralized templates for easy integration of team members
  • Simple user management via Excel/CSV, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
  • No app required
  • GDPR-compliant, developed and hosted in Germany and TLS-encrypted

Set up the modern business card from Spreadly now for free!

You can try out Spreadly's modern business card easily and free of charge. You can use the basic functions free of charge. Simply register with Spreadly and create your digital business card in no time at all. Once you're convinced, you can also order your printed card in the design and material of your choice.

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