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Spreadly NFC cards

Use cases for NFC cards

NFC technology is now used in many areas. Some of the many possible applications are briefly presented here.

Credit card

Payment systems

Almost all credit or debit cards are now equipped with NFC and enable contactless payments. This enables fast payments without entering a PIN.

Business card details

Business cards

Instead of laboriously typing data from business cards by hand, business cards based on NFC technology can be used to exchange data quickly and contactlessly. By scanning your NFC business card, you can transfer your data directly to your contacts.

Access control check

Access control and identification

NFC cards are also commonly used in access control. With the help of NFC cards, doors can be opened keylessly or access authorizations can be verified. For this purpose, NFC cards are used in many companies or institutions as well as on public transport for identification and time recording.

Social media profiles


In addition to being used as business cards, NFC cards can also be used to transmit special information about products, services or discounts simply by scanning. Instead of a paper flyer, which may end up in the nearest garbage can, potential customers have all the relevant information directly on their smartphone.

Tickets for Amusement Park


NFC cards are also used in ticketing. Unlike paper tickets, NFC tickets can be used to efficiently store attendee data, allowing access control to be organized more quickly and securely.

Smart Home Settings

Smart Home

NFC technology also helps to simplify processes in your own home. You can use the card to gain access to NFC-enabled smart home systems, for example to switch on lights and heating or (de)activate alarm systems.

Materials for NFC cards

NFC cards can be integrated into different carrier materials to suit the intended use and budget.

Plastic NFC card


Plastic NFC cards are particularly popular because the material is waterproof, versatile and flexible. Plastic NFC cards can be produced in various colors and designs, making them a popular choice for NFC business cards and for marketing and ticketing purposes.

Plastic NFC card


NFC chips can be embedded in metal cards for a particularly elegant look. For this purpose, a PVC layer is embedded, behind which an NFC on-metal sticker is placed. NFC cards made from this material are somewhat more expensive. In addition, data transmission is not quite as fast as with other carrier materials.

Plastic NFC card


NFC cards made of wood are particularly sustainable. They are aesthetically pleasing and perfectly suited to emphasize the ecological orientation of a company. Wooden NFC cards are lighter and very comfortable to hold.

Plastic NFC card


Paper NFC cards are also suitable for temporary applications such as tickets. They are particularly light and inexpensive, but are not suitable for permanent use. In addition, paper NFC cards are thrown away out of ignorance.

Benefits of NFC cards

In addition to design and function, NFC business cards offer many other advantages.

  • Fast, contactless data transfer: The biggest benefit of NFC cards is, of course, that data can be transferred quickly and contactlessly. With a business card with an NFC chip, for example, your data is stored on the other person's smartphone within a few seconds.
  • Less susceptible to errors: NFC cards are more flexible and less prone to errors than printed products. Once a business card has been printed, a transposed number can no longer be corrected. With NFC cards, data can be easily corrected. They also avoid transmission errors caused by incorrectly typed information.
  • Security: NFC technology is particularly secure, as data can be deleted or blocked in the event of loss to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Wide range of design options: NFC cards can be customized. A wide range of design options through the choice of material and color or the integration of company logos make it possible to match the appearance to your corporate identity.
  • Cost efficiency: Compared to other contactless technologies, NFC cards are very cost-effective to produce and implement. Special training is not required due to the ease of use.

Top 5 NFC card providers

Numerous manufacturers offer NFC cards for various fields of application. We present five providers of business cards based on NFC technology.

NFC World: NFC cards for various applications

NFC cards for various applications can be ordered via NFC World. In addition to bundles of cards for access authorizations, for example, the manufacturer also offers individual NFC business cards. However, personalization is relatively expensive and only possible to a limited extent.

Flyeralarm: Have self-designed NFC cards printed

The large print provider Flyeralarm also offers NFC cards. However, the design must be created independently as a print file. The minimum order quantity is 25 cards, but the unit price is relatively low. The printing service is therefore more suitable for companies that require NFC access cards than for the creation of individual NFC business cards.

baningo: Networking products based on NFC cards

baningo specializes in the production of networking products based on NFC technology. This also includes business cards. Personalization is possible to varying degrees depending on the package selected. You will have to pay more for individualization: In the low-cost basic version, only a single-color black or white design without a logo is possible. Further personalization incurs a surcharge.

Lemontaps: NFC cards made from high-quality materials

You can also order business cards with NFC via Lemontaps, to which you can transfer your data via an online profile. Personalization is possible. Unfortunately, even the plastic cards are relatively expensive. With other providers, it is possible to get started at a much lower price.

Spreadly: NFC cards for high-quality digital business cards

Spreadly is a particularly uncomplicated solution for creating business cards based on NFC technology in your individual design. You can choose between different materials and dimensions to suit your individual needs. The NFC cards can be linked to the basic versions of Spreadly's digital business cards free of charge. More functions of the digital business card can be activated for a small monthly fee.

Strengths of the Spreadly NFC card:

  • Individual designs
  • Free link to digital business card
  • Integration of Calendly, HubSpot, Salesforce, YouTube and many more possible
  • Easy to add to Apple Wallet / Google Wallet
  • Lead capture via contact form and CRM system synchronization
  • Standardized templates for easy integration of team members
  • Straightforward user management via Excel/CSV, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
  • No app required
  • GDPR-compliant, as developed and hosted in Germany and TLS-encrypted

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