Also this week there are some new features in Spreadly. To keep you up to date, we summarize the most important for you:

📱 QR Code for your lock screen

From now on, you can use your personal QR code, which leads directly to your digital business card, as a lock screen on your phone. This makes networking even faster and less complicated.

🔑 Central card management

You use Spreadly in your team with multiple cards? From now on, you can view all cards for your team at a glance and also edit them at one place.

👋 Private login for your team

For teams there is now the possibility of an individualized login, which can be shared via a private link. Here, custom links and different login methods can be shown and hidden.

💡 You are missing something or have an idea?

We are always happy to receive new ideas to make your everyday life easier with Spreadly. Feel free to contact us in support. We look forward to hearing from you!

We hope you're curious and check out the new features right away!

Best regards
Your Spreadly Team

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