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11th of February 2024

Every year, 10 billion paper business cards are produced, of which up to 80% end up in the trash. This practice is not only a massive waste of resources but also a real issue when considering how often these cards get lost, become outdated, or how much money they cost.

That's precisely why we've developed the perfect solution for you: digital business cards. They are not only better for the planet but also cost-efficient and super flexible when it comes to updates.

In the following blog post, we'll show you why digital business cards are the ideal solution for making your networking effective and sustainable.

Digital Business Cards: Definition and Benefits

What are "Digital Business Cards"?

Digital business cards are electronic versions of traditional business cards that can be shared over the internet. They offer numerous advantages that make them an attractive alternative to paper business cards.

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

🌱 Environmental Protection: Digital business cards are a green step into the future. By drastically reducing paper consumption, they make a significant contribution to protecting our environment.

💼 Professional Appearance: With their modern design and versatile functionality, digital business cards provide the perfect platform for presenting yourself professionally and standing out positively.

💡 Always Up-to-Date: Digital business cards give you the advantage of updating your contact details anytime and from anywhere. This means you never have to part with stacks of outdated paper business cards just because a phone number or email address is no longer current. This saves you not only valuable resources but also money.

🔍 Measurable Interactions: With digital business cards, you can easily see who is viewing your contact details. This way, you know exactly which contacts are interested and can adjust your networking accordingly.

🚀 Effortless and Ready to Use: You can create your digital business card within minutes and start using it immediately after.

Sharing Options for Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards offer a variety of ways to share them – far more than was ever possible with traditional paper business cards. Here are some of the most innovative ways you can share your digital business card with others:

  • Email Signature: Create an email signature that includes the link to your digital business card. This way, you automatically share your digital business card with everyone you send an email to.
  • Digital Wallet: Store your business card in apps like Apple Wallet to have it readily available at all times.
  • QR Code: Create a QR code that leads to your digital business card and share it on name tags, in presentations, or as a phone background.
  • Apple Watch: You can also easily share your digital business card using your Apple Watch. Find out how it works here!
  • Direct Sharing: Use the option to share your business card through apps like LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp,... or post the link on social networks.
  • NFC Cards: With an NFC business card, you can transfer your contact information by simply tapping a smartphone. Here you can get more info on NFC cards and their advantages and disadvantages.

❗️Tip: In your Spreadly account, you can find all the ways to share your digital business card clearly: → Just log into Spreadly and click on "Share" on your business card. There, you can easily create a QR code, an email signature, or a screensaver with a link to your business card, for example.*


Digital business cards are an innovative, sustainable, and efficient alternative to traditional paper business cards. They offer a range of benefits that facilitate and improve networking in the digital world. Create your own free digital business card here!🌱📱

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