Share Spreadly with your Apple Watch: here's how it works!

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25th of January 2024

Imagine if you could expand your network without lifting a finger. With Spreadly, you can do just that! In this blog post, we'll show you how to create a stunning wallpaper for your Apple Watch in just a few clicks, showcasing your digital business card in style. Find out how you can easily expand your contacts and effectively share your business card with every handshake or wave. 🌐🤝

Advantages of using Spreadly with your Apple Watch

🚀 Fast access: Your digital business cards are always just a wrist twist away.

🌍 Environmentally friendly: Avoid paper waste from traditional business cards.

🔗 Effective networking: Share your contact details in a flash and effortlessly.

Application: Networking rethought

Imagine you're at an event. Instead of fumbling for your cell phone or business cards, you simply show your Apple Watch. Your new contact scans the QR code directly from your wrist and now has access to your digital business card from Spreadly. Networking can be that easy!

Instructions: Share Spreadly with your Apple Watch

  1. Log in to Spreadly
  2. Create your phone background under "Share" -> "Set as phone background" and download it
  3. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone Instructions: Share Spreadly with your Apple Watch

Tip: Make sure that the screen brightness on your Apple Watch is not set too high.

Final thoughts

Spreadly makes networking a cool experience! Imagine impressing with a casual wrist flip on your Apple Watch and sharing your digital business card in an instant. No more rummaging for cards, just fast, eco-friendly and super easy connecting. Try it out and be the networking star at your next event! 🌟🎉

➡️ Create your digital business card with Spreadly now!

➡️ Order an NFC business card!

➡️ Bonus tip: Use the Spreadly Scan App to quickly and efficiently digitize business cards from others and save them in the app and your contacts.

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