Digital Business Cards in the Medical Industry

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24th of January 2023

The medical industry has seen significant changes with the advent of digital business cards. These digital cards have transformed the way medical professionals network and receive referrals.

Many physicians and medical practices still rely on traditional business cards that have been in use for decades. However, business cards can be an effective marketing tool and can help improve the reputation of a medical professional. By using a professional business card, doctors can be perceived as having more expertise, providing better quality care, and having strong communication skills. Business cards are important for maintaining good relationships with patients, as well as for networking within the medical industry and growing a practice.

Digital Business Cards: The Perfect Choice for Medical Professionals

As a doctor, you come into contact with thousands of people each year and often need to exchange contact information with patients, colleagues, and new connections. While traditional paper business cards have been a popular choice for many years, we now live in a digital age, and it makes sense to have a digital version of your business card as well.

Medical professionals need highly professional business cards, but traditional options often lack creativity and can be easily discarded. Digital business cards offer a solution, providing a range of features at competitive prices while prioritizing privacy. Spreadly digital business cards are the perfect choice for medical professionals.

Why Doctors Should use Digital Business Cards

As a medical professional, it's important to always have your business card on hand to easily refer patients and share everything they need to know. Digital business cards make this easy, as they can be accessed from your phone, Apple Watch, or through a custom QR code.

With all the data available digitally you can easily manage and store an unlimited number of digital business cards for other doctors to make referrals easier. Digital business cards also offer more space to share an unlimited amount of information and contact methods, including multiple phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, and links to websites and patient portals. You can even include videos and PDFs.

Digital business cards also allow you to create and manage multiple cards for different groups, such as patients or networking connections.

In addition to being convenient and efficient, digital business cards are also eco-friendly, as they reduce the amount of trees, water, and carbon dioxide used in their production. They also offer the added security of protecting your personal information and the information of those you connect with.

And if any information ever changes, simply edit your digital business card, and it will be updated in seconds, without the need to wait for new cards to be printed and shipped.

With the Spreadly Enterprise Version you can also easily create business cards for the whole team with just a few clicks, this saves a lot of time!

All the important information doctors need to include on their digital business card

When creating a business card as a doctor, it is important to include the following information:

  1. Full name, preferred name and suffixes
  2. Degree and accreditations
  3. Name of your practice
  4. Address(es) of your hospital or office(s)
  5. Phone number and fax Email address(es)
  6. Website and patient portal
  7. Social media pages
  8. Logos and badges for hospitals and awards/accreditations
  9. Notes on insurances accepted and specialties

Make sure to include your full name at the forefront of the card, and use a digital business card to easily incorporate multiple locations and additional information. It is also important to include your degree, practice name, and contact information, as well as any relevant logos or badges.

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