Digital Business Cards are ahead of its Time

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12th of January 2023

Digital Business Cards are trendy and sustainable

Do you want stylish business cards that keep up with the current digital times or are even ahead of their time? Then take advantage of digital design options and skip business cards that end up in the trash.

Sustainable products, like our sustainable wood NFC card, are of course in trend and can be stylishly printed and customized to your desires just like the other cards.By using a digital business card, you can be a pioneer in sustainable networking.

Your business card should be colored in connection with your company. What is your theme, your industry, and most importantly, your product?

Customers want to recognize you and your brand, so use images and colors from your website. What font have you incorporated into your corporate design? Are there specific design elements that you have used in the past? In general, modern business cards have space for your profile picture, background image, contact information, and links.Share videos about yourself with your business community. Spark their interest and stay in their memory. With paper business cards, you cannot evaluate how many people have visited your profile, which is only possible with a modern digital business card.

There are endless opportunities for the design of your digital business card

The design of a digital business card is just as important as the design of a traditional business card. A beautiful and professional design that represents your brand will help you stay in the memory of your counterparts. Start with a professional logo and integrate your name, contact information, website, picture, and skills into the design.

You have the opportunity to link it to your website, LinkedIn profile, or blog, for example. If you want to include a picture on your business card, make sure it is a professional, well-lit, and high-contrast photo. Remember that your business card is your first impression with a potential customer.

Digital Business Cards save you cost...

The modern business card has a cost advantage. On average, an order of 500 paper business cards costs around 0.06 € each, or a total of 30 €. To cover the cost of a digital business card, you would have to divide the cost of a personalized NFC business card, which costs around 30 €, by 500. However, if you choose to purchase a Spreadly NFC business card from our shop, you would only need to use it approximately 167 times to recoup the cost. This demonstrates the clear cost advantage of digital business cards. Additionally, digital business cards can be used indefinitely, whereas paper business cards will eventually run out and require you to spend an additional 30 € to reorder.

In addition, the management over your whole Teams business cards offered by Spreadly allows you to save on administrative costs by easily managing and editing all employee profiles and information in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of information and update it for all of your employees.

…and time

Traditional paper business cards often require more time and effort than people realize. Just the process of continuously ordering and obtaining paper business cards takes up a significant amount of time.

Additionally, these cards must be labeled and any changes, such as a new email address or phone number, also require time and money to update. With a digital business card, you can easily and conveniently edit your profile to include information such as your position in a company, email address, and phone number without any hassle. This saves you time and money and reduces stress.

The usefulness of digital business cards

If someone receives a paper business card from you, they are likely to throw it away without saving the contact information, unless the design is appealing. With a digital business card, the situation is quite different.

When they scan the QR code or tap the NFC business card, your digital business card with your digital profile is immediately opened on their smartphone. Your digital profile information is saved by your counterpart 98% of the time.

This results in much higher usage of digital business cards compared to paper business cards. The fact that the digital business card can also be digitally shared through an email signature, in online meetings, and in online presentations plays a role in its high usage.

The future of networking are digital business cards

Why are digital business cards already ahead of your future? In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, many managers are unaware that they can already gain an advantage by choosing a modern business card. A digital business card is just generally much easier to handle than a printed version. You can load it onto your mobile device and take it with you anywhere.

This makes you much more flexible and able to respond faster to inquiries, as opposed to trying to find and distribute a physical business card. Additionally, you can quickly and easily customize a digital business card to fit your needs, making it much more than just a business card exchange. There are many ways to personalize your digital business card to make it look unique and professional.

Furthermore, a digital business card allows you to gather feedback, so you can provide your customers with a valuable experience. In short, a digital business card is an effective tool to expand your network and strengthen your brand.

The digital business card is much more interactive, current, and faster, and with a QR code that you can insert into all of your documents and presentations, it is more modern for your daily professional life on the go.

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