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3rd of January 2023

Business people around the world use business cards to introduce themselves and their companies. Whether it's to win a new customer or to network at an event, a business card can make a big difference.

However, while traditional business cards have become a form of advertising, they can significantly increase the ecological footprint on the other hand. In this article, we will explain why digital business cards are a much more environmentally friendly option.

Can traditional cards be sustainable too?

Although business cards with recycling paper may seem like a more environmentally-friendly option, they often end up in the trash and are not typically kept by others. In today's digital age, almost everything can be done with a smartphone and contacts can easily be stored in a digital address book.

Digital business cards are a sleek and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards. By using digital business cards, you can avoid creating unnecessary waste that harms the environment. Networking can still be successful with digital business cards, which are not only more sustainable but also more convenient.

Not only will nature thank you for choosing digital business cards, but you will also be conserving resources. Sustainable digital business cards do not generate any waste, making them a better choice for both the environment and your business.

We, as a company, are responsible for acting sustainable

How can our company act in an environmentally friendly way? Every company, regardless of its size, should do its part to be more environmentally conscious. Today, design is not just done in a physical, analog way, but increasingly digital as well. Companies can incorporate digital technologies into their sustainability strategies to reduce the amount of paper and other waste products that are produced in the course of daily business. One simple and effective tool for doing this are digital business cards, which can be used as an alternative to traditional paper cards.

Many industries now rely on digital technology for their day-to-day operations. Laptops, monitors, and PCs have become standard tools for work.

Despite this, we still see physical business cards being printed and the waste of resources like wood to exchange contact information. Can't we go a step further and have meaningful conversations with each other at conferences and trade shows, saving valuable contacts directly into our smartphones?

With digital business cards, you can send digital information to customers instead of creating costly printed versions. You can include product information, images, and contact information on the cards. Digital information can be easily updated without the need to print new versions, saving time and money.

Digital business cards also allow you to use your company's corporate design consistently across all devices and social channels. In addition, digital business cards can be shared on various platforms such as email campaigns, websites, landing pages, and social media, increasing visibility and interaction for your company.

The amount of paper wasted on traditional business cards needs to change

By choosing to forgo paper out of conviction, you can see the sustainability benefits of using a digital business card with a digital profile. With the new "Profile Views" feature, you can even see how sustainable you are thanks to the digital business card. For example, if you only share your digital business card 30 times, you can save about 60 paper business cards. But that's not all: this also saves about 1kg of wood, 11l of water, 3kwh of energy, and 1kg of CO2.

In contrast, 88% of the 10 billion paper business cards printed each year in the US end up in the trash after being exchanged or when contact information changes. The digital business card has a longer lifespan and a smaller environmental impact.

Networking is becoming sustainable with digital business cards

Our offer for you: Our customers, with us, take a big step towards sustainability by choosing sustainable business cards. Whether it's a pure online profile or an NFC business card, all Spreadly products are a better solution for the environment. Thanks to the use of sustainable materials in production and the resource savings in use, the Spreadly Digital Business Card helps make the world a little more sustainable, greener, and better.

Digital business cards are an innovative tool for working sustainably - it's a win-win situation for all sides. You not only save costs and time, but also conserve resources and protect the environment. Don't forget that investing in digital business cards quickly pays off.

People can send and receive your digital business cards via QR code or NFC tag, so they can without paper printing. To learn more about digital business cards and how they can help you become sustainable, visit our website and discover how easy it is to create digital business cards.

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