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14th of July 2022

Whether recruiting, networking or generating leads - LinkedIn is the world's largest platform for professional networking. For successful networking, of course, a well-organized business card must not be missing.

Especially in the online sector, digital business cards are becoming increasingly relevant. Make a lasting first impression and create a digital business card for LinkedIn.

1. step: Sign up with LinkedIn

You can sign up with Spreadly with one click using your LinkedIn account.

After registering, you can choose the link for your page. It is best to choose a link that is easy to understand, for example with your name and your activity. e.g. or

3. step: Add contact details

By linking to your LinkedIn account, your Spreadly has already been created with your name, profile picture and email. You can now add any other information such as social media accounts, links and other content. With the "Add to Contacts" element you give your visitors the possibility to save your contact details with just one click.

4. step: choose design

There are no limits to your creativity with Spreadly's design options. Build your own Spreadly with a variety of fonts, designs and layouts.

5. Step: Share your digital business card

Integrate on LinkedIn

You can integrate your Spreadly on LinkedIn under the Website tab. This way your LinkedIn contacts can easily access all relevant data.

Share digital business card via QR code

You can easily download the QR code for your site in PNG or SVG format and use it on flyers, presentations, stickers or even conventional business cards.

Contact information in the email signature

With emails that are actually short, a very long signature line tends to accumulate, which is more annoying than helpful, especially when reading longer email conversations.
If you only store Spreadly as the only link with all other contact data, the footer of e-mails is radically shortened to the most relevant.

Business card for iPhone and Android

The Spreadly digital business card can also be stored and used within your Apple Wallet or for Android with Google Pay. So you always have your contact details directly and immediately at hand, even without a physical card.

Order NFC business card

Make a lasting impression and take your networking to the next level with NFC business cards. Hold the NFC business card up to another cell phone and your page will open. At Spreadly you can also buy your own personalized NFC business card.

There are no limits to the digital business card, so we are all the more pleased when we hear from you by e-mail how you have implemented your own card. Of course, we can also be reached at any time with questions or suggestions at
We look forward to hearing from you!

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