Advantages of digital business cards

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20th of July 2022

Everyone is familiar with traditional paper business cards and certainly has one or two in their wallet. But thanks to digitalization and NFC technology, there are also more sustainable and modern solutions to the classic business card.

What is a digital business card?

With a digital business card, all contact data is stored digitally. The contact data can then be accessed via various methods (e.g. QR code, NFC, URL, vCard). Exactly which technology is used depends on the provider.


Dynamic content

Since all information is stored digitally, it can also be adjusted dynamically and at any time. This means that new cards do not always have to be ordered when a position is changed or a new cell phone number is assigned.

Simpler contact exchange

Digital business cards offer the possibility to save contact data directly with just one click. This saves tedious typing of contact data and makes networking more efficient.

Customized design

It's probably obvious that the display options on a cell phone screen are greater than on a few square centimeters of paper. On a digital business card, there are no limits to your individual requirements.


Not to mention that digital business cards are not thrown away after use, there is also less impact on the environment. Your digital business card will be the last business card you order.

Saves time and nerves

For classic business cards, you always have to make your own templates and put them into print. If individual pieces of information change, you either have to find the template again or recreate it by hand. With your digital business card, you update your content within seconds and are ready to go again.

Measurable usage

For you, it is still unclear whether and how your contacts come back to you. With your digital business card you can analyze where and how your contacts come back to you.

Create digital business card for free

If all points have appealed to you and convinced you, you can create your own digital business card with Spreadly. All you need is your cell phone and 3 minutes of your time - that's a promise!

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