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9th of January 2023

You use your digital business card at a lot of events but have no Idea how many people actually interact with your card and what link people click the most on your card? Then you are not using your digital business card to its full potential yet! With the Advanced Analytics feature at Spreadly, you can track the performance of your cards, see which links are driving the most traffic, and learn more about where your new contacts are coming from.

Advanced Analytics have a lot of benefits for you, here are the most important ones:

  1. You can quickly view all important information about your card

If you have multiple cards within your Spreadly account, you can easily view top-level statistics such as views, clicks, and CTR (clickthrough rate) for the past week on the cards page. This feature allows you to quickly access and analyze key performance metrics for your profiles.

  1. Filter your Analytics to what is most relevant to your business:

Advanced Analytics allows you to filter your data to focus on specific areas of interest, such as referrer, country or device. This way, you can get a detailed understanding of your audience, including their location, platform preferences, and the card that gets the most clicks. With this feature, you can really drill down into the data that is most relevant to your business goals.

  1. Easily download the analytics:

Advanced Analytics allows you to download and share your results with others. This feature makes it easy to view and share your data with others.

  1. The data of your business card is available forever:

It ensures that your data is always available to you and is never deleted, which allows you to access your card-related analytics data at any time in your Spreadly Profile. In contrast, data from other plans may be deleted after a certain period. With Advanced Analytics, your data is completely secure and under your control.

  1. Analyze specific time periods and peaks:

The feature allows you to easily generate reports on your growth over a specific period of time, such as a quarter or a year. This can be useful for sales managers who need to regularly share updates on new contacts made and sales performance. Additionally, the leaderboard report helps you identify your best week ever for clicks, so you can learn from the most successful periods and strive to replicate that success in the future.

  1. Track specific events:

Our Advanced Analytics allows you to get detailed, customized reports for specific date ranges, so you can easily assess the impact of a recent event. Rather than being limited to weekly, monthly, or yearly reports, you can choose the exact dates you want to see data for. So if you attended an event or trade fair you can exactly analyze the usage of that exact event.

How to get the advanced analytics:

The Spreadly Pro and Enterprise versions include many features as well as advanced usage analyses. You can easily upgrade to Enterprise and Pro via your Spreadly account and even try it out for 14 days completely free of charge. Upgrade to Spreadly Pro or Enterprise to get access to these valuable insights.

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