Enable automatic translations

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18th of April 2024

Enable automatic translation

With our automatic translation, you can enhance your digital business cards. We automatically detect user languages and translate your card without any manual effort required. This feature is also available for templates and placeholders.

1. Access Settings for Customization

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Click on the 'Settings' icon to adjust settings or preferences for the element that is to be translated automatically.

2. Enable Automatic Translation

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Activate the 'Automatic translation' feature to automatically detect and translate the user's language.

Enable language selection for your card

You can also offer a language selection at the end of your card, as some company-owned devices often have English configured as their default language. This allows users to choose their preferred language on their own.

1. Access Settings Menu

Step 2 Image

Select 'Settings' from the menu to adjust your application preferences.

2. Enable Language Selection

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Toggle the 'Show language selection' option to allow users to change the language of the card.

3. Save Changes

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Click on the 'Save' button to apply and save the changes you have made.

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