Tips for saving paper in everyday work and helpful tools

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7th of February 2023
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There are many ways to do something good for the environment in everyday working life 🌱 One of them: saving paper.

Have you ever thought about how much #paper is used in your company every day? Or how much paper we even need in our daily work routine? 🤔

Although #paper consumption in Germany has been declining in recent years, we still use around 12.5 million tons of paper every year, according to the Federal Agency for Civic Education. This corresponds to about 120,000 hectares of forest, or in Galileo units of measurement, 168,000 soccer fields ⚽️.

Many offices still use a lot of paper for notes, printing, and even meetings and presentations. But with a few simple changes, we can significantly reduce our paper consumption and also contribute to a more sustainable future.

**Start saving paper step by step

One way is to switch to digital alternatives. Send documents as PDFs instead of printing them out. Take notes on your smartphone or tablet, use digital business cards like #Spreadly, digital whiteboards like #Miro, and numerous other #tools that not only help you get by without paper, but also make work easier in many other ways! 📲

And if paper can't or won't be dispensed with, we can at least be more conscious about how we use it. Does every document really have to be printed out? Even by using double-sided printing and combining several documents onto one page, we can reduce paper consumption 🌈

Small changes can make a big difference. When we reduce our paper consumption in the company and in our everyday work, we not only contribute to a more sustainable future, but we also save costs and conserve #resources 🌍

What tools do you use to make your day-to-day work easier and save paper?

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