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Lead generation with your digital business card

By Florian Theimer
Guide • 2022-05-17

Networking has never been so easy - collect contact data with just one click.

With Spreadly, you can easily receive inquiries and new leads. Best of all, you can fully customize the contact form to your liking.


You can determine yourself what information you provide to your counterpart, for example in lead generation. Whether it's email address, phone number or social media - the decision is yours.

Legally compliant

So that you are always on the safe side, you can also store individual terms and conditions and data protection conditions and thus always remain 100% GPDR compliant.


You want to contact your contacts personally? Leave a little message in your Spreadly and make a good (first) impression.


By default, all requests will be forwarded to the email address you leave. Soon you'll be able to link your Spreadly to Hubspot, Mailchimp and more tools to help you manage your leads.

Get started now with Spreadly, your free digital business card and connect with your leads in a new way!

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