Apple NameDrop alternatives

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5th of June 2023

What is NameDrop?

As part of iOS 17, Apple today announced a new AirDrop-related feature called NameDrop, a new, more convenient way of sharing your phone number with another iPhone owner. With NameDrop, two people only need to bring each of their iPhones close together, and the person's contact card is automatically shared between the two devices. NameDrop also lets users select which numbers and email addresses to share.

Benefits of NameDrop

✅ No dictating or scanning of business cards required
✅ Sharing contact details both ways

What are the challenges with NameDrop?

Not available for Android and Windows users
❌ Requires a manual setup within the contacts app
❌ No professional design options
❌ Several steps required

Digital business card as an alternative

Digital business cards are electronic versions of traditional paper business cards that can be easily shared and accessed on any device. They allow individuals to exchange contact information, showcase their professional details, and include interactive features such as clickable links, multimedia content and other integrations like Calendly or CRM.

Benefits of digital business cards

One of the biggest advantages of digital business cards is their platform independence. They can be used on any device with an active internet connection. This makes Apple's NameDrop usable for Android users as well. In addition, digital business cards can be set up centrally for teams and companies and made available in a uniform design. In addition, a digital business card can share not only classic content such as phone numbers or email addresses, but also directly booking an appointment or a contact form. In addition to sharing via link, your own business card can also be used as a QR code on the lock screen and immediately scanned and saved without any further detours.

Get yourself a digital business card

There are a few providers who specialize in digital business cards. We put some providers together and pointed out their USPs.

1. Spreadly

Spreadly provides digital business card for Individual users and teams. With a variety of design and integration options, Spreadly can be used by freelancers to large corporations.

2. HiHello

HiHello also offers digital business cards to complement their contact book. The cards can be used for private but also for business purposes.

3. Blinq

Blinq can be easily installed and set up directly on the iPhone or Android device via app.

4. Tapni

Tapni specializes in NFC products and offer a wide range of personalized physical products for individuals.

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