The benefits of digital networking

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11th of February 2023
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#VitaminB is essential if you want to make a career in business and even more so if you want to start your own business. You've probably read "Your network is your net worth" somewhere here on LinkedIn 💡

But digitalization has also changed networking. While in the past, and especially before the pandemic, trade shows, exhibitions and events were still common places to make new contacts, now more and more is taking place online. Whether on social media like here on LinkedIn, virtual events, webinars or even in the metaverse.

And digital networking comes with a whole host of benefits:

⏰ Time and cost savings Online events are generally less expensive than face-to-face events. There are no travel costs and physical requirements such as booths and staffing Cherry on top: it's also much more sustainable 🌱

💛 Wider audience Online events can reach a much wider audience because participation is possible from anywhere in the world. This also makes them more inclusive for people who, for various reasons, do not want to or cannot attend face-to-face events

⌚️ Always accessible Whether with chatbots on the website for customers or via LinkedIn for your contacts, you are theoretically available around the clock

🤳 Easy networking Digital networking also allows you to quickly and easily connect with other people and businesses by sharing your LinkedIn contact or a digital business card

Of course, digital communication doesn't replace face-to-face exchanges in real life. We noticed that again especially last year, for example when we had the chance to visit the #bitsandpretzels festival 😍

Nevertheless, it will take a bigger and bigger part in our everyday life. Ultimately, it also comes down to the mix between events and digital networking that suits you best 🙂 .

How do you see it? Do you see more advantages or disadvantages in digital networking?

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