Spreadly acquires bumpee

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15th of November 2023

Spreadly, a digital business card provider based in Munich, announced their acquisition of bumpee, a fellow Munich-based company that began 2020 with a focus on NFC cards. This acquisition is a significant partnership for both companies, as Spreadly places emphasis on digital business cards while bumpee brings experience and expertise in NFC cards. In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits of the acquisition and how this partnership will positively impact users of bumpee.

User data transfer from bumpee to Spreadly

As a result of the acquisition, all bumpee users and data have been transferred to Spreadly's platform. bumpee users can easily sign in to Spreadly with their existing account and continue to use their cards without any interruption.

Consistent and secure data management

The acquisition of bumpee by Spreadly also brings a new level of security to the digital business card space. With all bumpee users and data transferred to Spreadly, they can ensure consistent and secure data management. This is critical for business owners who deal with client data that needs to be kept confidential. Spreadly's robust security measures ensure that users can trust their platform with their most sensitive data. bumpee users will also benefit from the user-friendly interface and digital card functionalities that Spreadly provides, making it easy to save, share, and update business cards on one platform.

Growth of Spreadly

Lastly, the acquisition of bumpee by Spreadly is a testament to their commitment to innovation and growth. By bringing in the unique strengths and expertise of another company, they can create a unified solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. This will empower both companies to reach a broader user base and increase overall brand awareness. As business needs evolve, Spreadly is positioned to adapt and grow, and this acquisition will further enable them to achieve their goals.

In conclusion, the acquisition of bumpee by Spreadly is a significant partnership that will benefit users of both businesses. With the addition of bumpee's expertise in NFC cards, Spreadly can offer a more well-rounded and versatile product, combining the strengths of both digital and NFC cards. Additionally, business owners will have more options when choosing a card that fits their needs. The acquisition also brings a new level of security and a user-friendly interface to bumpee users. Finally, this acquisition is a testament to Spreadly's commitment to innovation and growth. With this partnership, they are well-positioned to take on new challenges and create solutions that meet the needs of their users.

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