Our first Christmas party as a startup

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15th of February 2023
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Startup also means: saving money all the time 💸

Especially before the first larger rounds of financing, you think twice about every expense. Luxuries such as a large office, fancy company events, etc. naturally fall by the wayside for the time being ...

But there is one thing we don't want to save on: our team. That's why we held our first Spreadly #Christmas party yesterday 🎅🏻.

Despite a smaller budget, we didn't have to sacrifice anything. We cooked our own food, drank mulled wine and built gingerbread houses - and the evening was a complete success! 🥂

This shows once again: it's the people that matter, not fancy restaurant visits, expensive alcohol or fancy activities. Especially at Christmas 💜

We're glad to have you guys, whether as colleagues or good friends! Special thanks to Hannah for organizing this lovely evening 🥰

How do you celebrate Christmas in your startup or company? 🎁

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