Our all-rounder: Jakob Wohlhüter

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4th of October 2022

In today's Team Tuesday, we would like to introduce Jakob Wohlhüter, our all-rounder. 🌞

In the area of business development, he takes care of a wide variety of topics, from SEO to calculating the carbon footprint to spontaneous visits to trade fairs when there's a need.

Versatile interested

What is the best way to describe Jakob? He always likes to try everything once and is very versatile interested. During his physics studies, he not only learned to fly helicopters and made a license for the chainsaw, but also simply visited a heart surgery.

From cook to consulting to SEO

During his semester abroad in Norway he worked as a cook and after his return to Munich he started his way into consulting. At a student consultancy, he was involved as an auditor, data protection officer and board member for finance and legal affairs, among other things. Meanwhile, he worked at a small consultancy in Munich. And Jakob also does all sorts of different things at Spreadly, most recently, for example, he reworked the SEO together with Flo and positioned Spreadly on the first Google Page. 🚀

Just the classic path that a physicist takes. 🧑🏼🔬

A great love

Besides Spreadly, Jakob continues to be involved in various things and in his free time he likes to go to the ice rink #OnlyTheAEV, watch series or go hiking.

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