On the customer journey with Bente Braun

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26th of October 2022

In today's Team Tuesday we would like to introduce you to Bente. 🌞
At the interface between marketing and sales, she is primarily responsible for email marketing and the customer journey at Spreadly. 🤗

From Stuttgart to Munich

Bente is originally from near Stuttgart and has always been very involved, whether in school or in the dance club. She is now studying Management & Technology at the Technical University of Munich and has thus also found her new home here. 🥨

Remaining true to dancing

In addition to her studies, Spreadly and her involvement in a student consultancy, she continues to enjoy dancing. In summer you can find her on the sailboat, in winter on the ski slope and in between doing any other sport she happens to enjoy. ⛷️⛵️🏋🏼♀️

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