Spreadly acquires Clinck

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20th of September 2023

In an age where virtual collaboration and digital connectivity are paramount, the way we exchange business information is also undergoing a dynamic shift. Taking a significant leap in this direction, Spreadly is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Clinck, a pioneer in the digital business card arena. This strategic move promises to usher in a new era of networking, by melding Clinck's foundational vision with Spreadly's innovative approach to digital business card management.

Pioneering a Change: Clinck’s Journey

Clinck has been a notable player in the industry, pioneering the concept of digital business cards with a focus on email-based exchanges. Their simplistic yet effective approach allowed professionals to share their business cards seamlessly via email, mitigating the need for physical cards, and thereby fostering a greener and more sustainable networking ecosystem.

Broadening Horizons with Spreadly

Spreadly seeks to take this initiative a notch higher, by offering a plethora of avenues to share and integrate your digital business cards. Our platform is designed to be a versatile hub that accommodates various sharing modes, transcending the limitations of email-only exchanges. This transformation is not just an upgrade but a necessary evolution in keeping pace with the dynamic digital landscape, where flexibility and integrations play vital roles.

As we venture forward, Spreadly is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all Clinck app users. In the coming weeks, Clinck will be seamlessly integrated into Spreadly's ecosystem, and we invite all Clinck users to migrate their digital business cards to Spreadly. We are working tirelessly to make this migration process as smooth as possible, prioritizing user convenience and data security.

Embracing a Seamless Transition

Clinck users can look forward to not just preserving their existing digital cards but enhancing them with Spreadly's advanced features. As Clinck would be discontinued in the future, we invite you to join the Spreadly community, where your digital business cards will find a new, innovative, and expansive home.

At Spreadly, we envision a future where business interactions are more sustainable, versatile, and aligned with the digital advancements of our times. This acquisition is a significant step towards that future, one where we amalgamate the strengths of Clinck’s foundational principles with Spreadly's forward-thinking approach.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

We are embarking on a journey to redefine digital networking, and we want you to be a part of this revolution. We are here to assist Clinck's community in every step of this migration, ensuring a smooth and enriching transition.

Join us as we steer towards a future where business networking is not just digital but versatile, integrative, and inclusive. Together, we are crafting the future of digital business exchanges, one card at a time.

Welcome to the next chapter. Welcome to Spreadly. ✌️

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