Our Flutter Developer: Tamuno

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26th of February 2024

Welcome back to our #teamtuesday!

This week, we're thrilled to introduce you to Tamuno, our Flutter Developer, whose work is integral to bringing our mobile applications to life.🐝

Who is Tamuno? 🤔

Tamuno is not just any software engineer; he's a very athletic and tall Flutter Developer with a passion for crafting seamless mobile experiences. At Spreadly, he is focusing on building, managing and monitoring all of our mobile applications. 📱✨

Tamuno's Journey to Spreadly 🙌

Hailing from the South-South of Nigeria, specifically an island called Abonnema in Rivers State, Tamuno's background is as interesting as his work. He studied Engineering in school, where his love for technology, especially software engineering, blossomed. Tamuno joined Spreadly very quickly - already after his first phone call with Florian, he was sure that he would fit in with the company culture and was already looking forward to joining the team.

Tamuno outside of spreadly 🌟

Outside of work, Tamunos enjoys watching TV shows and anime. But he doesn't miss out on sport either: he always plays volleyball at the weekends. Tamuno has also recently discovered his talent for painting - but see for yourself: Above you can see a picture of his latest painting!🤩🧽🖌️

We are very grateful to have you on our team, Tamuno! We are really looking forward to the future with you and to many more fun and beautiful moments with you! 🥳

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